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Hi Folks! A rarity for me, but I’m gonna offer you background noise on this post.

For the December 2015 Sirens Call eZine, themed ‘Lost Souls’, Julianne Snow and I did a comparative photo-prompt flash. I wrote two candidates for the eZine, and this one ended up an orphan.

After you check out this little ramble, grab a copy of the eZine to read the two interpretive pieces we included. 




It’s dark at night, dark and lonely. Occasionally, I see others; catch a glimpse of their shimmer in the headlights that round the bend. I remember driving around the bend, reaching down to grab the map that slipped from my hand, the sound of the impact, the glass shattering as I was hurled through the windshield. At first, they were kind to me, helped me to understand, but then they seemed to drift away – lost to their own thoughts, their own inner worlds. I suppose that’s what we’re meant to do, lose ourselves.

I wonder if others see my glimmer…


The image is not mine, I claim no copyright to it, but the words are – small disclaimer free of charge! ;]
© Copyright Nina D’Arcangela.





Red, taint of the broken; stain of the brazen.
To sip of such delicately tinted nectar would bruise it eternal,
leaving a residue of rouged pain in its quickening wake.

© Copyright Nina D’Arcangela.






Been so many years, I don’t even remember the sun no more. I hear ‘em muttering, let ‘em talk. I’ll die in this box no doubt. I even heard they sealed it with the name. Trying to shame me I s’ppose. But I have my trophy; I pick my teeth with it every day. Wearin’ it down, but then it was so small to start with. Seems people dislike what I done, but that’s only ‘cause they don’t understan’ it. See, the sweet meat – it’s like veal, you gotta eat it when it’s supple, ‘fore it grows and loses the flavor.

© Copyright Nina D’Arcangela.

(Originally posted on Pen of the Damned as a 100 word picture prompt flash)

Child of Seed


Mother, how could you? You’ve spoken to this recalcitrant child of seed, creating beauty in my malformed pulp through your tantrum of destruction; but this hurts me – leaves me a damaged husk straining to survive. Is this your intent? Am I to twist and writhe until all that once flourished is a tangled mass of malcontent? Mother… how could you?

© Copyright Nina D’Arcangela.


With each tear that fell from her cheek, another drop of laudanum fell from the pipette. Chewing her lower lip, she wondered if the choice she’d made was a just one. Closing her eyes, she drew forth a fond memory of her once vital son laughing as he played – a sound she’s not heard in some time. Her knees buckled as her resolve strengthened. A few more drops and his pain would be ended. Climbing the stairs, the glass of apple juice trembling in her hand, she choked back her own wail of agony.

© Copyright Nina D’Arcangela.

I Know

I sit here alone, thoroughly abandoned, and deserving so. Awash in paralytic dread, I mourn what I have not yet lost, but know will soon be stolen from me. I yearn to believe hope is not dying, I long to hold it near, to cherish it dearly. I ache to know some degree of stability; struggle to somehow make it last, even for just a moment longer. But assigned the jester’s roll, I am yet again the patch, never the permanent fixture. Brilliant shimmering trinkets surround me, I see their shine, their gleam, yet I shield my eyes from the pain I know awaits if I gaze upon them. To feel what I have felt, to know what I have known, to watch it dissolve from a distance is a torture I cannot express. I batter my fists impudently against this unrelenting barrier, but again, I act the fool. I can only hide for so long. Reality slams against my senses, intrudes upon my torment, dares me to call this solitude. This damning truth insists that I allow the glimmer to dim, to see with wide eyes what would be shown to me, that which will be stolen from me. Yet still, for all the anguish, the tears, the pain that will not allow me to draw even a single quelling breath, I see beauty. I see only you, and you shall destroy me.

© Copyright Nina D’Arcangela.

Coffin Hop 2014 Winners from Nina D’Arcangela!

Coffin Hop Winners!


Let’s cut straight to it! 



I don’t like rules, I never have liked rules; I break them as often as possible. If you don’t like what is on offer, ask for a substitute – if I can accommodate you, I will happily do so. Oh, and I’m plucking three people out of the running from my blogs as my grand prize winners! (Plus they would decimate the competition with their Terminator like tenacity; or behind-the-scenes promotional voraciousness)


‘The Undead Ninja’ – Julianne Snow

Julianne is one of the other co-owners of Sirens Call Publications, so for her undying blog love (get it, get it… really? – go checkout Days with the Undead then come back with your head hanging in shame) she gets to pick two print copies of any of the books featured on ‘Spreading the Writer’s Word’ during the 2014 hop.


‘Dark OP Hop Specialist’ – Joseph Pinto

Joe and I are the co-founders of a small writing group called Pen of the Damned. I have therefore plucked him from the ranks of the worthy, thrown him to the Gods of the Underworld, and rewarded him with a few goodies for all of his comments, tweets, and shares! Joe gets to pick two eBook copies from any of the books featured on ‘Spreading the Writer’s Word’ during the 2014 hop, as well as brand new buddy from ‘The Dark Angel’ gifts.


‘Queen of the Hop’ – R.L. Treadway

She privately confided to me that she’s always wanted to be Prom Queen for the sheer maniacal pleasure of torching the unworthy while covered in lamb’s blood… or was it pig’s blood? Anyway… details, not important. What is important is that she worked her ass off to make sure that the underbelly of the hop was carefully and conscientiously attended to. If she chooses to share her prize with you – that’s up to her.


Okay – here ya go!


The winners on ‘Sotet Angyal – The Dark Angel’ are:

A.F. Stewart
Johanna K. Pitcairn
Karen Soutar
James Garcia, Jr.
Jon Olson
Blaze McRob
Georgina Morales
Kim Koning


Sorry about the crappy photo on kids craft paper, but it shows the little beauties inside off very well!

*You have to be in the U.S. to win one of these little guys, it’s not legal to ship them internationally. Will substitute where needed.


Thank you to everyone who came and shared in Coffin Hop, read my depravity, and had a good time! Until next year…


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