Monthly Archives: November 2013

Coffin Hop Winners

Those deemed ghoulish enough to endure my depravity…
Each of you will be the recipient of one of theses little beauties!


John Balaya
Jaimie Engle
James Garcia, Jr. (holly crap – you are stalking me!)
Zack Kullis
Blaze McRob
Georgina Morales
Joseph A. Pinto
Mari Wells

And one more (unfortunate) detail; you need to be in the US to accept my prize. Postal regulations will not allow me to ship them internationally.  😦

My apologies (so far) to:
Anita Stewart
Paul Bowler

If they creep you out and you don’t want one – speak up, they are real!

Thanks for Hopping in and out of the Coffin with me!


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