The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Matt Williams at! Thank you! … and now my twist:


Thank you kind sire, in keeping with my babble-log’s prose, I shall respond to thy bestowment with what I most reverently desire to be a level of grace and amusement.

This honor bestowed me by the sire of clan Williams reigning most aptly upon his throne, I cannot help but kneel humbly before my name-sayer . Tattered skirts lifted to just above scuffed and torn knees, dirt smudged cheeks rouged with a blush of humility, I gracefully take my place in supplication as the undeserving and yet kindly glanced on Dark Angel that this man of gentle nature has so graciously seen fit to credit with this tribute.

Seven – this is the number of which I must divulge, and so I shall extend to thee secrets yet unknown, things yearning to be told that have not yet found their place into this world of madness where I surely be queen, my parchment stained with words unclean!

Of the First: The way to my heart, be it love? Nay, most would say, and right they would be. I declare it a confection of tantalizing delight that shall put a stretch to all lips that touch it, all teeth that sink into it, all tongues that lick of its most decadent of pleasures. I am a wretch who cannot in any passing refuse a cupcake!

The Divulging of Two: Bathed in mother’s milk – drown in her tears, all that was wrought by hand of man shall revert to her desirous state. Given unto me is a longing to seek out these things. My lover be not man nor woman in this vein, it be the swirl of fascination and depth of virtue to be found in time. Unlike the gleam of polished metal of gold or silver that would turn the head of most wenches, I am a lover of all things reverted to glorious rust.

Telling of Three: Carved by the roughened hands of those long past, a craft nearly lost to time, I too may find my lonesome self lost among the stones of old; fashioned with sweat, blood, and probable tear, I seek, I respect, I mourn, I do not fear. To lurk in daylight or under shine of moon, you shan’t find me frightened of the potter’s field, for I am a cemetery tramp of the most devout virtue.

Four be Before us now: To scuttle on hand and foot, crouched near to dragging stomach to floor, I traverse the darkened spaces left only to the mind’s eye of those lacking a taste for the darker corners of this orb. The sign a warning, desire dawning, do I stay my hand and stray – nay of this nonsense. I shall see with mine own eye through the grounding of the glass all that has been denied the world. I am a photographer of things abandoned and forgotten, and a seeker of what believes it cannot to be seen.

Five Bees Buzz In the Hive: The hive is a place of much wonderment and nimble furry, a place most would step only a toe before quick retreat made! My hive buzzes day through night, night through day, my voracious seeking desire knowing no bounds, conceding no obstacle, recognizing no limit. I am a creature of science who studies the way of all things Quantum.

Six Sticks: A waft carried with the breeze. A tantalizing aroma of what may have baked in your mother’s own oven. An olfactory response that speaks to you of the third season, the season of harvest. Should this scent scarce tickle your nose, is it I who have passed you by? Perhaps, only the purist will know. For I am not scented of flower, powder, or musk, but of spice that burst of baking apples in your mind. I wear a mist of Thieves.

Seven Screaming into the Night: Born of the witch’s eve, who better to celebrate in heart and spirit the goose that shall bumple your flesh as though it would be peeled back from your carcass to expose beneath the skeleton that hides. Discard the hide and bring me the bones, for in this spin I shall reveal two tellings in one.  The eve of my glee, be the one you scream before me, for I am a macabre mistress who shall give your children a fright and candy on this night. Celebrating Halloween in the grandest of fashion is a tradition my family has long since enjoyed, and the date of my birth rolled in makes it all the sweeter. Be sure to pen your next of kin as you enter, we guarantee no safe passage here. I promised two secrets would be divulged, bones be true to scare you on the eve of which all shadows stalk; but be they all hollow and plastic? Not in my world. A cabinet of curiosities holds small treasures, no flesh nor sinew left, I do so love a cleaned petite to add to my collection. I am fascinated by skeletal remains and the pose in which they departed. Prepared, cleaned and properly mounted, I hold them dear as gleaming gems.

Now, to point my finger and brand seven more to settle the score…

Julianne Snow – This brilliant and incredible woman is the author of Days with the Undead, as well as many published short stories. She has been featured in multiple publications, and as far as I am concerned, she is the Zombie Minx the world needs to keep an eye on – her knowledge, extensive research and passion are without measure. She is a woman of great inner strength and many hidden talents including editing, proofing, and reviewing other authors work. She also happens to be my evil twin, and a fellow SCP minion when needed!

Colin F. Barnes – An author whose work inspires a feeling of being comfortably wrapped in a favored blanket on a stormy night, he is a gentleman of the highest caliber, and a rapscallion whose playful wit will keep you entertained for hours! Editor and founder of Anachron Press, he has produced such works as Day of Demons,  City of Hell Chronicles Vol. 1, and published short stories such as Dark Metaphor and Vex.

Hunter Shea – A Monster Man with sparkling eyes, his natural ease and sense of self immediately engenders a feeling of comfort and genuine kindness. He has an evident love of not only life, but his family as well, coupled with a fabulous sense of humor (see Monster Men and you’ll understand why). An incredibly talented horror author who is on the cusp of a world wind success with his latest novel Evil Eternal, he is also the author of Forest of Shadows.

Jack Wallen – Jack is nearly indescribably! He’s an incredibly talented writer, multiple-blogger, interviewer, a radio/podcast DJ, and a devoted family man. He is an unstoppable force whose momentum will carry him in whatever direction he chooses to go. The author of the I Zombie and Shero series, success is just waiting for him to bump heads with it!

Joseph A. Pinto – Not only is Joe an amazing human being with a heart made of gold (or rust in my case), but an author who’s words twist in such a way that my soul twists with them. He is the author of two published books, Dusk and Summer (a beautiful tribute to his late father) and Flowers For Evelene. A very proud Mr. Mom to a gorgeous little girl, he is the co-founder of Pen of the Damned, and did I mention part time Lycanthrope!

Adriana Noir – A beautifully talented author whose words speak directly to my muse – I often wonder if her muse sneaks in late at night to run off with mine, playing in the woods doing their best to horrify one another! I find her very much a kindred soul. This lady is an incredible force to be reckoned with, and destined for greatness – I have no doubt!

Daemonwulf – This man has a personality that is larger than life itself. An author of truly beautiful and disturbing words, his talent for horror is only beginning to feel its way into the world. Beyond enjoying his searing writing and quick witted banter, he is a genuinely good soul to know – though just to be difficult, I’m sure he would argue this last point to the death, much the way any wulf worth his fur would!

There are many others I would like to incriminate in this list of fabulous nominees, but I’m trying to play by the rules, so seven it is! I hope you enjoyed my twist and playful take on the award parameters, and if any have taken offense, please know I certainly meant none. And once again, Thank You Matt Williams! 



About Nina D'Arcangela

Nina D’Arcangela is a quirky horror writer who likes to spin soul rending snippets of despair. She reads anything from splatter matter to dark matter. She's an UrbEx adventurer who suffers from unquenchable wanderlust. She loves to photograph abandoned places, bits of decay and old grave yards. Nina is a co-owner of Sirens Call Publications, a co-founder of the horror writer's group 'Pen of the Damned', founder and administrator of the Ladies of Horror Picture-prompt Monthly Writing Challenge, and if that isn't enough, put a check mark in the box next to owner and resident nut-job of Dark Angel Photography. View all posts by Nina D'Arcangela

10 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award

  • Daemonwulf

    Goddammit (*all-commandments-aside-not-they-they-have-much-effect-on-me look*) but, I really F%$@?3#! love how you are capable of stringing words together… *complimentary bow*


  • Joseph Pinto

    Congrats, Nina!! Only you can leave the Versatile Blogger Award outside in the rain so it gets all nice and rusty…it’s never looked better and has not been in the hands of someone more deserving (I know, you were hoping for cash and cupcakes instead).

    And thank you humbly for branding my flank with your mark in turn (gotta admit, it’s a bit sore now).

    As you well know, when I read your prose, I find myself catching my breath. Even your divulging of secrets was no different.


    • Nina D'Arcangela

      LOL – Thank you Joe! I’m not sure everyone would appreciate my turning the Versatile Blogger Award rusty, but then they wouldn’t fully understand how much I appreciated it if they didn’t! I’m happy that you enjoyed my little twist on the rules – you know me, I just can’t seem to fit the term ‘normal’ into my own descriptive.

      Sorry about the sore flank, but it is well deserved ;}


  • Hunter Shea

    Congrats Nina! Well deserved. You are a blogging/social media master and we all exist to serve you (I spelled it as ‘sever you’ 3 times before getting it right….hmmmm, what is going on in my mind? LOL). You rock like AC/DC, GnR and Aerosmith all rolled into one.


    • Nina D'Arcangela

      Ah-ha! now it comes out – sever me, huh… I’ve gotta say, I kinda like it – LOL!

      Thank you Hunter, not only for the kind words, but for the comparison to two out of three very worthy rock bands! ;}


  • Adriana Noir

    Your words always leave me in such awe, Nina! You are a goddess beyond compare. This has been such a fascinating glimpse into your psyche and the things that make you tick. I love the images you paint of old graveyards, rust, and bones.

    I have to agree: I, too, suspect our muses doth play whilst our backs our turned. Thank you so much for the kind words and for the honors you bestow.


    • Nina D'Arcangela

      Yes, our frolicking bastard muses are off doing who knows what… as long as it’s evil or mischievous in some way, I say we let them have at it!

      Thank you Adriana for saying sweet things about my warped little brain, and your place among the nominees is well deserved ;}


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