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“Are you under there?”

… silence …

“Hey, come on! I asked if you’re under there?”

… uncomfortable silence …

“Really, you’re not gonna tell me? You’re gonna make me look?”

… a big sigh …

“See, I knew you were under there! Why won’t you just say something?”

This kid is never gonna stop. “Shhhh…”

“Ha! You spoke! Now I know you’re there for sure!”

“I didn’t speak, I made a shhhh sound. Now, go to sleep.”

“No way, not now! Come out and play with me?”

“What? Are you nuts? I can’t play with you. Go. To. Sleep. Please.”

“You just admitted that you’re under there, and you want me to go to sleep? Nah-ah, no-way!”

“Kid, what is wrong with you? Do you know who I am?”

“Yeah, you’re the Boogey-man. That’s what Ma says, and she don’t lie.”

“That’s right, I’m the Boogey-man. Now go to sleep.”

“Are you kidding me? No way I can sleep now!”

“Why, because you’re scared of the boogey-man? Boogey-man gonna get you? Wooooooo…”

“Knock it off. I ain’t afraid of no Boogey-man, ‘specially one that talks to me. Come out and play.”

What? You have got to be kidding me. “Kid, I can’t play with you!”

“Why not? You got a broke arm or something?”

“What? No I don’t have a … Aren’t you even a little scared?”

“Nope. My Ma says I don’t gotta be afraid a the Boogey-man.”

“She did what? Why would she tell you that?”

“Cause I was afraid to sleep in here alone. But Ma says if I just make friends with the boogey-man, there’s nothing to be a’scared of.”

“Make friends with the boogey-man, that’s just crazy talk, Kid. You can’t make friends with the Boogey-man.”

“You calling my Ma crazy?”

“If she told you that, then yeah, I’m calling your Ma crazy.”

“Go ahead, say it again, I dare ya!”

“You dare me what? To say your Ma is crazy?”

“That’s it. Now I’m coming under there to put a whoopin’ on your boggey-ass!”

“What? Hey… Kid, what are you… Get back in your bed. What the… Did you just punch me?”

“Yup. And there’s more where that came from!”

“Kid, ouch – hey, stop that. Have you  – ouch – lost your… Hey, no kicking! … lost your mind?”

“Nope. Pop says that if anyone talks smack about Ma, I’m to whoop ’em!”

“Geez, kid. I can’t hit you back. Ouch! Stop it! Get back in your bed! Ouch… stop, will you just…”


Footsteps on the stairs….

“Robbie, are you in bed?”

“Uh, yeah, Ma. Just don’t…”

The door opens.

“What is this mess? Did you tear the stuffing out of Mr. Squiggles again? You are gonna get it this time, Mister! Wait until I tell your father!”

“But Ma…”

“But nothing, get your little rump in that bed and I don’t want to hear another peep out of you tonight!”

“Yes, Ma.”

As the door slams shut, Robbie hears snickering coming from under his bed.

“Stupid Boogey-man!”

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