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Coffin Hop 2013 ~ Echoes


Standing on this bridge in the warm summer breeze, your scent surrounds me. I imagine you taking my hand, placing a kiss upon it, calling me by a beloved pet name; so genuine, so sweet. As I lean against this outdated gas lamp, I look up at the sky; a deep sapphire blue dotted with gleaming diamonds. Again, you invade my thoughts. Your beautiful face turned upwards to gaze at the stars, the intense glimmer of the night sky reflected in your eyes. The sparkle of your joy bewitches even the heavens above. I close my eyes, wrapping my soul in your love much as the breeze wraps my fluttering hair about my shoulders. The ghost of a smile steals across my face as I step away from the post. Your melodious laughter echoes in my ears as the rope draws taught.

© Copyright 2013 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

Coffin Hop Goodies!

How do you get them? Comment on my Coffin Hop 2013 posts on this blog – I’m posting something new each day, so keep coming back for more chances to win. When will they be announced? When the hop ends (after October 31st). What are they going to be? A surprise! I like surprises, don’t you? ;}

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