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Who Are You?

little_boy_blueLittle boy who blew away on the wind… Your name forgotten to time.

Now you are only a broken remnant on a hill with a beautiful, graceful, cherubic face.

Who were you?… When were you?… Why has no one noticed you are not in your rightful place?

I shall remember you, I shall mourn you, I shall grieve your wounded flesh, and all shall be as it should.

For now you are Little Boy Blue, who blew away on a wind that wraps around me in a chill gust, settling to my shoulders the way your ill fitting gown lies upon your own.

Little Boy Blue can be visited at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Nyack, NY. He does not rest on a grave, but sits on a hill among other broken remnants of monuments from the past. The cemetery no longer knows where the statuary originated, but they do it justice by honoring this lost memory by not burying it as landfill – which all too often happens.

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