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A thick mist crawls over the ground where I tread ever so lightly. I leave no mark of my passing, only a swirl in the cool thick air around  my bare naked ankles. My feet tickle across the dew covered grass, a Waltz awaits me. Many the partner eagerly lined up, waiting patiently. I spin and I twirl, tattered hem fluttering. I stir the air, mist moving through it, and find joy in chasing the wisps only to have them drift away.

As I move through my everland of darkness and dreams, all things – my wants, my realities. My Prince, he waits for me there, in the clearing. He brings me flowers and ribbons, and sings of sweet things. He bids me sit upon his knee, and wipes the smudge of dirt from my feet before stealing my heart with a kiss.

I rise and twirl with laughter, my locks floating like gulls caught on a salted breeze. It feels as though I have been here for ages, dancing amongst my many friends. I lay a hand upon each in greeting as I pass them by, but the sun is soon to rise and mist shall turn to vapor.

It seems this night’s dance has come to an end.

© Copyright 2013 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

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