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I see everything in you.

Your beauty, your pain, your kindness, your sharp edges. I see your generosity, your intelligence, your suffering, your desire. I see your drive, your radiance, your angst, your brilliance. I see your sparkle, your shine, your valor, your struggle; I see your ability to beat seemingly insurmountable odds.

I see all that you are.

You share your love with me, and for that I am grateful. I see the love you give to others in your life, and you are all the more beautiful for it. I see your youthful joy, the years of torn wear, your want to overcome; I see what you are meant to be.

I see you.

You are magnificent, I know you don’t believe it. You are a shining beacon, the flame that draws my moth near. You are truly special and nothing can or will ever steal that from you. My heart is yours, I can’t imagine not loving you, but even if I wasn’t the one fortunate enough to share in your life, I would still see how unique and special you are.

You are a gift to this world, but as a young soul, you can’t see it.

You are you, that is all I’ll ever want for you; all I’ll ever ask of you; all I’ll ever hope for you. You are all encompassing, you are a magnificence creature. You have enthralled me, and your hold will never let me go. I never want to stray from your side. I never want you to let me go. I am captivated by a spell you don’t even know you’ve cast.

I love you, I cherish you, these words will never be more true – because you are you.

My forever love, this is not news to you, but it is for you, with all my heart – even if you never see it.

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