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Pop – Coffin Hop 2014 | #horror #COFFINHOP @coffinhop @Sotet_Angyal


With a growl that comes from deep within his chest, fury radiating from every pore of his being, he begins to froth. Using the chain wrapped around his arm and her throat, he raises her level with his eye. With the other hand, he snaps her right wrist between his forefinger and thumb. A slight groan escapes her before she can contain it. A smile begins to spread upon his face.

Cupping her ass with his free hand, he presses her body hard against his own, his want throbbing against her. He leans forward, whispers in her ear, “So you do feel. I’ve heard an angel is an extremely… erotic creature. Perhaps I have been going about your discipline all wrong.” He slowly licks her shoulder, her neck, the side of her face; he begins to boom with laughter – intent all too clear in his eyes.

She returns his slight smile as he runs a razor-sharp talon over her lips, tearing them to shreds. Blood begins to trickle down her chin; he laps it clean. She unfurls an obsidian wing; he stares at it in wanton lust. With lightning speed, she uses the tip to pluck his left eyeball from its socket. There is barely a moment of resistance as the muscles cling to the orbit before tearing away.

Screaming in agony, he releases her and she tumbles to the stone floor. Cupping his empty socket, he screams, “You whore!”

Lying on the floor, she begins laughing manically.

“You fucking whore! I’ll see you dead for this!”

Gently, she places the eyeball in her mouth, blood still oozing from her slashed lips. Through peals of laughter, she positions her new prize between her teeth. As he watches in horror, she smiles brightly and begins to chew.

Darting forward once more, her wing tip slams into his other eye with an audible pop, then carves it lengthwise with a single stroke. She leaves this orb in place to heal useless and deformed; a reminder of her for the days to come.

Rising to her feet, she walks toward the dais while flippantly asking, “You wish to see me dead, do you?” With a mirthless chuckle, she leans in and whispers, “I don’t think you’ll be seeing much of anything…”

© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.


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‘Your Wants’ #AtoZChallenge

Adult Sexual Content
18+ Only!



Gentling me onto my back, your lips trace my thighs, the curve of my hips, the dip of my waist; kissing, licking, suckling – tenderly roaming. Your mouth teases its way across my trembling stomach to the valley between my breasts. Tasting each in turn, you dare a nip; a groan escapes me. Your eyes flick to mine; eager. Smoldering encouragement reflects back. You bite deeper, I gasp, moan louder in exquisite pleasure as my body arches closer to yours. Lowering your full length onto mine, your lips continue to trace unending ecstasy over my flesh as your legs force mine apart. You lift one of my knees into the air. Caressing my body with your own, you begin to slide yourself between my soft folds. Pressing my shoulders to the cushion of the bed, you let your hands drift through the silky cloud of my hair, stroke my face, grasp my wrists and pin them above my head when I try to return the subtle gestures; my entire body shudders with desire as you slowly move further within me. Your mouth finds my throat. My head arcs back, you nuzzle it to one side; my eyes close, my lips part in a lusty ragged sigh. You encase the tender side of my neck with the warmth of your mouth, sucking deeply as you press yourself fully inside me – this time I cry out as pleasure rips through my body. You whisper a warning to keep my hands in place as you release them to kneel; I obey. My heart beats in wild rhythm as your hands roam, your eyes search, your body plunges repeatedly into mine. I try to move my hips in concert with yours; you still, shake your head no. There is a moment of silence. You lean forward, our lips meet in a tender kiss. The play becomes less gentle, the pace growing more frantic, I lie prone; willing to serve as slave to your wants and desires.

© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.


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