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‘Joke’ #AtoZChallenge

Hey :] I hope your hip is doing better, not hurting as

much as earlier. I worked until 10 tonight, grabbed

a quick bite and now I’m in bed reading. How’s your

night going? It’s the usual here – the house is dead

silent now. The doorbell was acting up earlier, so I

yelled at it to stop. It’s hasn’t chimed since. :] The

door to the green room kept shutting too, the cats

were growling at it, but they seem to have settled

down, so has the door… it always stops when the

front door –the one that doesn’t lock anymore –

when I hear it unlock, the knob turn, the door gently

shut, and the lock reengage. I know you don’t believe

me, but none of the other doors open with a skeleton

key, the sound is distinct. Anyway, the smell of smoke is

dissipating… the cigarette smoke, not the pipe tobacco.

The cherry scent is still hanging in the air, probably will

be until you get home. Sorry, I know I’m rambling, but

you know how I hate having to text you goodnight. No

blame –I know you didn’t pick the nightshift, but still…

Anyway, I guess I should say goodnight since that‘s why

I texted. Try to have a good one and I’ll see you in the

morn if I haven’t left by the time you get in. Night hun!

Love ya boo-boo-bear!! :]


Ahhh… I think you may have the wrong number…


Oh, I’m so sorry! I hope I didn’t wake you!


No, you didn’t wake me – I’m a night owl. I

know I’m not ‘boo-boo bear’,

but your message was a little odd.

Do you need help?


Help? No, well yes, but not the kind you mean anyway.

I’m so sorry to have disturbed you. I’m Trish, btw.


I’m no more disturbed now than before

your text. Get it, it’s a joke?


I got it – clever.


Is ‘boo-boo bear’ your boyfriend?


Yeah, we’ve been together for a few years now.

He works at the Budweiser plant near the airport.


Oh, so you work days, he wrks nights?

I’m Todd.


NTMY Todd. Something like that. Since we’re

talking, what are you doing up so late?



Watching a marathon on the Horror

network. They’re ramping up for the

latest FD film that’s coming out –lots

of slasher flicks on tonight.


No way! I love those movies. Which one are

you watching? No – wait, hang on… Sweet!

I love the scene where his

head gets sliced apart by the falling glass!


lol – you’re into horror/slasher flims?


Yeah, love ‘em.


So that stuff you were saying about your house,

is that some kind of joke?


Hmmm, joke? No, it really happens.

The place is haunted out the ass.




Oh, gosh – I’m sorry, are you like,

born again or something?


lmfao – no, it’s not that – swear all you

want – it’s just kinda odd to get a

wrong text at three in the morning from a girl

living in a haunted house while

you’re watching horror movies,

don’t ya think? – lots of coincidence

there. lol


Mmmm, maybe. I don’t believe

in coincidence.


Okayyyyy… What do you call it then?


If shit is meant to happen, it does. Oh damn!

The elevator scene! Yesssss!

*squeals in delight*


TFF – weirdest ‘non-coincidence’ I’ve ever

had. Your number didn’t come up

on my phone – do you live near the airport?


Nope, about an hour north.


Me too! Where abouts?


I’m in Bergen.


So am I… maybe we can catch the premier



Oh, dang! The pipe scene where it juts through his

head. Don’t you love it when they take the time

to trickle blood out the end. Sick! 



Uhm, yeah – I do. And the gore stuck to the

front of the pipe is a nice touch. lol


So true – only armatures miss that part! Great film,

I’m kinda glad I miss ‘texted’ you. ;]


Yeah, me too. You never said what town

you’re in?




Yeah, where are you mis-texting me from? lol


I’m in Emerson :]


No friggin way… me too! How f’d up is that?


I know…


Right, completely wacked!


No, I mean I know you’re in Emerson.


How do you know that? lol –

did the house tell you?


*giggling* No, silly… turn around and look out

your window.


Oh, shit! You scared the crap out of me!


Come on, open the window before I fall off the

roof… and what is this crap about you taking

another girl to the premier?



Brian… Brian! I swear, if you don’t

open this window!

Whose boo-boo-bear?


Whaaaa? I mean, WTF?

Boo-boo-bear, who is he?



OMG -YGTBFKM – you know there is no boo-boo-bear!

It was a joke! You don’t believe me? UFR!


Maybe you better call boo-boo-bear before

you fall – those tiles are slick.


I know, I climbed up! *huff* …Brian! Brian! 



Brian! Brian? Brian…


© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

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Skipping, hopping, feet three-stroke flopping. Tail guiding, hands reaching, eyes darting – never stopping.

Deftly left, back right again, charge on my little friend!

Day is not safe, but you cannot cross at night; so this journey you must make, regardless of its plight.

Shall it be life or death? The bird of prey watches, daily you two dance, as to the air he launches.

Run faster from bubble to bubble, overhead is feathered trouble!

A quick burst of energy will bring you to shore, and you shall be basilisk for at least one day more.

Just a bit too late, to make it across, Jesus Christ Lizard – your life is now lost!

© Copyright 2013 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

I’m doing the 2013 Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Pop back everyday but Sunday through the month of April for a new letter prompt to spawn my deranged ramblings! ;}

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