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‘Petals’ #AtoZChallenge


Petals drift softly upon the breeze; they twirl, they dance,
they float, they soar

The day you were born to me was the day I knew
you were lost to me

Glorious in pale pink, flushed deeper on your edges,
how you outshone the others

You began to drift away, I reached for you,
but there were so many

You sang as you lifted high upon the current,
free from my arms at last

Then the air stilled, you spiraled downward and I,
stiff with age, could do nothing

You settled in a soft plume of vibrant green,
a lush cushion to rest upon

I watched, I smiled, then a moistened drop of dew fell,
followed by another

The torrent began, you were trampled by the onslaught
and I wept for your pain

The sun shines once more, I see tattered pieces
of beauty all around me

I know you are among them, with that
I will rest easy


© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

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