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‘Water’ #AtoZChallenge

You don’t know me; I’m something you’ve never seen before. You dare glance my way; enjoy the view from head to tail? Perhaps I should show you my tail, then you’d realize what little chance you have of escape. You think I have pretty eyes; crystalline and glistening – different hues of blue and green with a hint of amber shimmering in the sunlight? Should nature divine such a thing of its own? Your instincts tell you nay, but you engage none the less. Does their shifting tint lure you, are you enamored by the sparkle that holds your stare? Perhaps for you, it’s my hair; long, luxurious, the color of midnight gently twisting in the breeze. The kind of hair every man dreams his girl will have after he’s done fucking her; affirmation of a job well done. You think I wear it this way by choice? It’s not hair; it’s a brand, me the creature it was seared upon. I can no more shed it than water can choose to flow uphill. You’re reaching for it now, look at you; pathetic. Let me guess your thoughts: if only I could run my fingers though it just this once… It’s not your thought, it’s mine, placed in your head the moment I noticed you. You make me sick, the lot of you. Such easy pickings; such an eager feast laid before my kind.


© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to my April AtoZ Blog Challenge post! I hope you enjoyed my ramble, and come back for more! Don’t forget to visit the other bloggers participating by clicking on the badge to the right, or simply using this link. :}

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