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‘Last’ #AtoZChallenge

The day has come, I’m not quite sure I’m ready. I hear him moving on the wooden floor-boards above. He’s changing his clothes; dressing to play the part. A day, an hour, a moment longer, that’s all I need to say my goodbye; but then, is there ever enough time to lose the one you love? The back buzzer sounds, the last bit of my solitude drifts away. I open my eyes. Sunlight streams through the curtains, it  illuminates the subtle cream tones of the room with sheer radiance. I hear him descend the steps, pass the guest area and head for the service entrance. My heart breaks one final time before the day intrudes.

As I hear them rustling in the hall, I close my eyes once more and draw deeply of the air. Roses. More roses are arriving, and orchids – they smell of coconut, and warm vanilla. As the florist brings them in, I can’t help but gush, it’s all so beautiful! A riot of colors and odors that mingle as he artfully spreads them throughout the room. Alstroemerias arrive next, they are beyond stunning – the huge cascades crafted in what she knows are my favorite shades. A surprise, a parting gift.

The final piece is carried in. It is exactly as we discussed, but more beautiful than I dared to hope. A magnificent spray of the darkest midnight-purple Calla Lillies masterfully arranged with nine strands of crystals representing her tears; one for each year we spent together. Each miniature flower a work of art, the entire arrangement a blanket of love to warm my coffin.

© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

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Languishing in a field of lavender, lying upon my back, I stare at a clear cerulean sky. I think of you. I think of all we have done, the things we have not. I think of all you have brought to my life, what I have taken from yours, all that has passed between us. I remember moments of laughter, tears of joy, those of pain as well. Moments of unimaginable bliss, happiness never deserved, yet found – shared – cherished.

Languishing in a field of lavender, lying upon my back, I watch the gnats buzz, the bees flit about, the curious flies that have begun to swarm. The sky is still, the field quiet, the echoes of sound only in my mind. I hear the remembered rustling as you walked away, your hesitation, your mournful cry. So brave, so kind, my understanding savior. I know it was a world of anguish for you to do this, but it was the only choice.

Languishing in a field of lavender, lying upon my back, my chest no longer heaves, my blood no longer seeps, a calm serenity has taken over my thoughts. A white cloud drifts by on my cerulean sky, a dog sniffs my hand. No, not yet. Let me watch the sky a little longer – just until my eyes cloud over…

© Copyright 2013 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

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