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‘Sting’ #AtoZChallenge

A brief but brutal spasm of pain shoots through her head followed by the gut wrenching memory of the last seeing. It draws her to her knees. The peace and serenity of the past now forever tainted. A flash through time, her mind reels; his eyes peer back into hers, the chalice is thrown, the fluid within betrays her trust. A warning forgotten, perhaps dismissed, arrogance assures her safety in this hallowed realm. Never has she been so wrong.

As she watches, the assailant approaches his target in the dark abandoned lot. A struggle ensues, but ends in a mere blink; the violence feeds her hunger, holds her in its thrall. She misjudges; allows the corridor to widen, permits him to see her watching. For a brief moment, the portal opens on both sides. She sits stunned as he jabs the narrow pig sticker through the wavering fluid and into her left eye.

Now, when it is a seeing night, she seeks only the most remorseful; souls in need of comfort and caring, not the heart-pounding excitement of an outcome unknown. Now, when it is a seeing night, she sees with only one eye – the other forever clouded and dead to the word. Knowing better, she no longer reaches for the vials containing drops of venom. Having learned her lesson well, the wasps’ sting will forever be with her – but always more so on a seeing night.

© Copyright 2014 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

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{This post is of an adult nature – NOT for children}

Kneel. Don’t question with your eyes! Do what I say immediately. I’ll not have a fool for a slave. Others beg for the privilege you’re experiencing. Something about that statement amuses you? Clearly you have no idea what it means to submit. Ah – No! There will be no safe words today; you don’t get to call Uncle on me that quickly. I’ve not had the chance to exploit your fear… not yet. I know, you came here with the misunderstanding that there would be rules – there are, just not yours! You thought your two hundred dollars was buying you an hour of your own pleasure; but you should have read the fine print. This hour is all mine to do with as I see fit. That makes you nervous? Don’t try to mask your eyes, you can’t hide from me, and no one is coming to save you, dumpling.

She casually strolls to the table  and picks up the riding crop.

Good. Now I see genuine fear in those gleaming blue orbs of yours. What shall we do first? What was that? Did you say something? You’re mumbling, I don’t like mumbling! Speak up!

The resounding crack of the crop is heard.

Did that hurt? I’m sorry, that was completely unexpected – by you. Are you trying to tell me something? Are you already whimpering about my striking you? Is that a yes or a no?

The echo of the crack once again rebounds across the chamber.

Now, have we learned our lesson? A nod will do. Good, I expected as much. Let’s take a look at your list of fantasies and pick one I’d like to exploit, shall we? Yes, I think we shall.

Her arm raises, he flinches, his mouth slams shuts with a snap.

Don’t make me strike you out of turn again, it makes me feel cheated. You don’t want that, do you? No, I didn’t think so. See, you’re learning already, you knew enough to nod and not speak.

Smiling sweetly, she strikes. This crack the loudest yet.

I do so like to reward good behavior, now what does it say here about you not liking C&B torture…


As the session ends, she removes the bit gag from his mouth and helps him to his feet.

“Oh, Tommy! You added in an extra hundred. That’s so sweet of you!”

Working his jaw to loosen the muscles, he replies “I’ve gotta keep my special girl happy. Same time next week?”

“I’ll pencil you in!” she beams with a bright smile and, stretching up onto her tippy-toes gently kisses his cheek as he is about to leave the room.

© Copyright 2013 Nina D’Arcangela. All Rights Reserved.

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